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Smart Meters ~ Residential

What are Smart Meters? ~ Its a device which will be provided by your energy supplier that will sit in your house (the short name is IHD) and act as a two way communicatior of your energy consumption, by feeding information to your supplier.

Why do you need one?

Its is part of the governments promise to make residential energy bills lower and perhaps more importantly, to help cut down or cut out the issues of ‘Estimated‘ bills, which lead to excessive high bills.

How much do they cost

Nothing to you as a residential user, they are part of the Governments role out of these devices to be completed by 2019

NB: Smart meters are stand along devices, which cost nothing for you to install, however some utility providers are encouraging their customers to get a ‘free’ meter, by switching to their cheapest tariff~ Don’t be fooled by this, when there are over 40 different residential tariffs to choose from. you need the one that will benefit you most

How much will you save?

This will of course all depend on consumption, but you should definately see an improvement in your current bill

How do you get one

Your current supplier, will write to you and advise you how to obtain one and will explain how to fit it.