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Mobile Credit Refunds!

If in the last 6 years, you have switched, TV, Mobile, Broadband or Mobile phone providers, there is a good chance, your owed cash!.

Many providers, among them talk talk, primus, & 3 mobile don’t automatically refund left over credit, which means millions of pounds of unclaimed cash is available.

So, What is a telecoms credit refund?…

A few providers such as BT and orange, automtically refund left over credit when you leave, however, equally there are many providers, including talk talk, primus and others who operate a

“Unless you ask, you don’t get” policy

According to ofcom, it is estimated that miliions in bill credit is unclaimed and has urged consumers to check if they are owed a refund

NBThis does not apply to P.A.Y.G credit

How could you be owed cash? ~ Well, you can very easily earn credit, without knowing it via promo deals or by paying in advance

EG: You sign up for a 12 months for the price of 9 offer. You would still have to pay for 12 months, then get a rebate after 12 months

Most people asssume the rebates are automatic, however it is not always the case

Case Studies

“Made a claim with Talk Talk & received a £144 refund~ amazing!” NE

“Put two claims in with vodaphone & orange receiving £96 in total, plus from Virgin, I have over £400 in charges, wrongly applied” DB

“From a dormant phone contract with o2 over two years ago, just received a £19 refund

How do you reclaim?
One simple phone call to your provider asking
“Do I have any leftover credit on my account” will find out if you have or not.

Or alternatively, you can enter your details via the newsletter section, and find out how we can help you do this.

There are time limits involved for this.In England and wales its 6 years

In Scotland its 5 years

NB:Suppliers should hold the data for 6 years.