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Credit Card Ruling~ Are you affected?

CREDIT CARD users could be sitting on unclaimed millions of pounds following a County Court decision today that means consumers have more time to make a claim against their credit card company when a purchase has gone wrong.

QualitySolicitors Howlett Clarke, based in Brighton, have won a case for their client which means for consumers who used their credit card to pay for an item or service which later turned out to be misrepresented, for example, fraudulent ~ may have up to 6 years from when they notice the error inform their credit card company.

Until today’s decision, consumers only had 6 years from the purchase of the item or product to claim their money back from the credit card company. QualitySolicitors Howlett Clarke also secured interest for their client over the time lapsed.

Paul Tilley, the QualitySolicitors Howlett Clarke lawyer involved in the case, said: “This decision means that there could be thousands of people out there who have purchased something on their credit card that was a misrepresented purchase – in our client’s case it was an investment that was fraudulent – but they are unaware that they can bring a claim against their credit card provider to recoup the money. The decision means that the 6 year clock to make their claim starts ticking from the point they notice the misrepresentation, not from the date they made the purchase.

“So someone who made a purchase more than 6 years ago, but today notices it was a misrepresented purchase may be able to make a claim against their credit card company as long as they inform the company of it. This applies equally where consumers have, for example, paid a deposit for an item using a credit card and paid the balance in cash or by cheque, such as transactions where a vehicle was purchased. While only the deposit is funded by the credit card, the full transaction price could potentially be recovered from the creditor.

“Few people realised before this case that credit card companies are liable for such purchases. It is a protection that debit cards do not offer. Credit cards just became even better with this case. People may have more time to check their credit card statements to see if there are any purchases that turned out badly. They could be able to get that money back with interest. With the spectre of Christmas debt preying on people’s minds there might be some respite from a purchase gone wrong hidden in a credit card statement somewhere.


Energy ~ Overbilling refund success!

Have you ever had an energy statement come through your letter box and thought, that doesn’t look ‘quite right’? ~ Have you ever queried it?

In light of the recent statement, published by Ofgem, we thought it would be useful to highlight, some recent successes we have had on behalf of clients of ours, simply where we have asked questions, they were thinking about and… as a result have had successes in reclaiming money on their behalf, that their energy company’s had kept quiet about. They are highlighted below

*Littlehampton ~ Pub, over £450 from Eon

*Littlehampton ~ Pub, over £1800 from Haven

*Littlehampton ~ Pub, over £8,000 from British Gas, as a result of Billing errors

*Arundel~ Restaurant. Refund of over £950 from Eon

*Bognor~ Butchers, 3 seperate refunds, from different suppliers, amounting to over £230 from Scottish Power and Eon

*Bognor ~ Gift Shop, Refund of over £240 for billing for a non existent gas meter

These are just some of our success, obtained by ‘taking a look’ at the business concerned accounts. Our free service is on a no win, no fee basis and obtained by asking the ‘right’ questions, in the ‘right’ way.

Why not, have a free account validation report and let us see what we can find for you.


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