Property Capital Allowances

If you are a property or business owner, then this will be of interest to you, as it is an area that, has literally billions of pounds of unclaimed money sitting there waiting to be claimed from HMRC

Under the Capital Allowances Act 2001, the money that is sitting there is yours, in so much as you have a statutory right to the money and while your accountant or book keeper, may have claimed for some of the allowances… There is a good chance that you could be one of the 97% of people, who have not fully maximised your property allowance claims.

The reason this has happened is because property capital allowance are such a complex area, it requires specialist knowledge… Usually outside the remit of most accountants/book keepers.

So keep your eyes peeled here, for updates on this area and to find out how much you can claim, through simply submitting an application.


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