Energy ~ Third Party Intermediaries!

This is an often asked question by many business owners, usually followed, by ‘oh but they charge a lot of money’. First of all, lets explain what a TPI ( Third Party Intermediary) is. He/she or indeed it may be a company act as a go between, between you and the energy company.

They are specialists in their roles and know the energy market really well, plus more importantly have excellent relationships with either a select few, the big 6, or in a tiny handful of cases, the entire energy market place, it is that relationship which works for and on your behalf to secure you the best deal possible, thanks to their specialist knowledge and relationship with the chosen supplier.

TPIs, will rarely charge any fees for their work, unless of course it is a unique case, instead they receive a commission from the energy company, who they place your business with. This commission is usually ongoing for the life of your energy contract.

How do you know who is a good TPI? ~ Well, as with all cases, there are the good, the bad and the downright ugly out there, but as a general rule of thumb, you should choose one, that is approved by the Utilities Intermediary Association ( UIA).

By doing this, you can gain confidence from the fact that you have cover, should anything go wrong for you during the energy process or your relationship breaks down with them.The UIA has a strict code of practice and Ethics, when it comes to energy processes, that each member has to abide by, or they are not accepted.

Using TPIs with access to the entire energy market place and knowledge of how it works, will save your business a considerable some of money, both now and moving forward.


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