Marketwize Solutions was created, following a life time of working in and associated with diverse sectors, such as the financial services and utilities sector and being associated with social media since 2003

With specialist knowledge, gained from working within these areas, marketwize solutions has been created to provide alternative unique solutions to individuals, business and property owners, to help them save money & show them how to invest it, into areas, where it will work harder and smarter for them, outside conventional mainstream areas.

Our core business

Our core businesses, focuses on the energy and utility sector, which through exclusive key strategic partnerships with award winning energy and utility businesses, provides

*Discounted utility benefits

*Utility account validations,

*Reclaimation of energy/ccl rebates and energy efficiency measures. As this area, moves into taxable allowances, we also help business and property owners to fully maximise their taxable allowances this is a statutory claim, with billions unclaimed every year ~ it is also not covered fully by accountants… due to its specialist knowledge

Marketwize is very proud to to be the only business in the UK, to be able to provide its clients access to this energy and utility portfolio, which covers the entire energy and utility market place, through these key partnerships.

Business Social Media

Additionally, with social media  playing such an important role on a daily basis in business growth and development, but, proving for some to be a but of a mystery, marketwize removes that mystery by providing a solution through its bespoke social media outsourcing, which will raise your business or self image, while at the same time delivering, exceptional results for you.

Marketwize, has extensive and comprehensive knowledge of how all the major social media networks, are best used to work for you & keeps abreast of the ever changing and evolving world, that social media is.

Our outsourcing, produces exceptional results, while our training package, will ensure that your marketing department, are able to keep up to date with the latest changes, as they happen, so your business does not suffer.

Please feel free to follow marketwize solutions on Facebook and Twitter, via the respective links found on this site


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